• HABERSATTER & WIESER: Habersatter & Wieser OHG, your efficient partner of qualitative sawn wood products and pellets
  • PRODUCTS: The product range of Habersatter & Wieser OHG includes joinery goods, construction timber, packaging timber, logs and pellets.
    • Joinery goods: Qualitative sawn wood for joinery products like doors, windows, furniture, wooden strips, etc..
    • Construction timber: Construction timber for roof battens, wooden construction, concrete formwork, etc.
    • Packaging timber: Sawn wood products for cases, pallets, industrial packaging, ect.
    • Logs: Fir and spruce logs for veneer wood, plywood, wood fuel, etc.
    • Pellets: HW Naturpellets, a hundred percent natural, coniferous product
  • TEAM: Team of Habersatter & Wieser OHG - We are always doing our best to satisfy our clients.
  • REQUEST: Contact us – We will gladly care about your requests.
  • Location & contact: Location and contact details of Habersatter & Wieser OHG
  • Sitemap: Page overview of Habersatter & Wieser OHG: overview of all products and services.


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Welcome to the renewed website of Habersatter & Wieser Holzhandel OHG. Take a look at our products and don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly handle your requests!


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